Globe Vintage Squirrel Cage (Xtra Large)


Dimensions: 125 X 170 mm
Wattage: 40W
Voltage: 220 – 240V
Bulb Fitting: Edison Screw E27
Average Life: 3000 hours
Dimmable: Yes
Material: Glass, Brass, Filament
Base Material: Brass
Certification: CE certified
Package: 100% recyclable

Decorative light bulb intended for use as secondary lighting

Globe Vintage Squirrel Cage Extra Large Filament Light Bulb

The Industrial Globe Vintage Squirrel Cage Extra Large Filament Light Bulb is a popular design that goes well with almost any interior. It gives out a soft light that is pleasing for the eyes to look at while being strong enough to brighten up the space.
With its Golden glass and Warm colour temperature It has been produced to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, and can also be dimmed to create the desired intensity level.
It is therefore the ideal lightbulb. A great option for your home décor and particularly loved by our customers that designs the interior of bars/restaurants/cafes and hotels.

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This size is also available with Spiral filaments.

A cluster of 5-6 Globe shaped bulbs hanging straight down in various lengths gives a fantastic look to the home décor, spice up the cosy atmosphere up with a wall dimmer to control the lighting effect.